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Make Money with Your Car

MyRIDI is a transportation network company headquartered in Davenport, Iowa. MyRIDI offers services including peer-to-peer ridesharing. The company has operations in over 57 states and focus point is worldwide. Its platforms can be accessed via its websites and mobile apps. MyRIDI has been so successful in the sharing economy that the changes in businesses as a result people love to say MyRIDI!

At MyRIDI INC, we are working to change the rideshare industry as we know it. We are doing this by empowering both riders and drivers to not only have a better experience, but also a better way of life.

We are professional people in the rideshare business, and daily help drivers and riders alike discover and engage with MyRIDI. 

Please explore our site and discover how MyRIDI has a place for everyone in this new model.

MyRIDI is an innovative software company transforming the rideshare industry by giving Drivers the opportunity to make more money than our competitors. Giving Riders lower price incentives, and providing a business in which everyone can either save money or make money!

It is our mission to enhance the organization's value through people. How are we doing this? By redefining human capital and how it is managed and measured. Making things easier utilizing technology and APP development. Many of us had dreamt of owning our own business me or be our own boss. The time is now, and that opportunity is knocking at your door.

Drive with MyRIDI


Earn money on your schedule

Key Benefits: to being your own Boss and Living Your Life to the Fullest!

MyRIDI is a customer-centric business.  We help companies at every stage of growth, by working hard to keep up with technology and to stay steps ahead of our competitors, developing custom solutions and collaborating with all levels business. We plug Subject Matter Experts into our organization and their primary job is to look for ways to improve operations. We understand business, if our system works well, then it makes things easier for you to Be Your Own Boss, Set High Standards, Work When It’s Convenient For You and Make The Money You Set Your Goals For!


But The Choice Is Yours!

  • We resolve the pricing paradox so you can make money
  • We help break down barriers to innovation
  • We understand customer behaviors and what they reveal
  • We align the branding strategy with key objectives
  • Our business strategy help drivers nurture loyal customers


Roger Hickman Jr. is our visionary CEO. He is a talented businessman with over 43 years of experience in developing new concepts and technology platforms.

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