The problem with most people is that They Don't AIM to HIGH and MISS!

They AIM to LOW and HIT!

Dream Big!


We expect to reach 77,000 drivers in 2019, 179,000 in 2020, 500,000 in 2021, and 900,000 in 2023.

At MYRIDI, we are working to change the rideshare industry as we know it. We are doing this by empowering both riders and drivers to not only have a better experience, but also a better way of life.

We are professional people in the rideshare business, and daily help drivers and riders alike discover and engage with MYRIDI. 

Please explore our site and discover how MYRIDI has a place for everyone in this new model.

So where is the market going? The rideshare industry is expected to grow eight fold to $275 billion by 2032. Right now, they estimate the global taxi market is worth $107 billion dollars, which is triple the current size of the $34 billion ride hailing market. At the same time, they calculate an average of $14 million hailing trips a day globally, which is expected to increase to $95 million by 2032. 

So, where are you going to see MYRIDI? Everywhere? Here is a list of the initial markets MYRIDI we’ll be launching in the next coming months, just about everywhere in the United States. We understand about earning extra money, paying your bills, vacations. 

Now, where are we going? Are you ready for a MYRIDI

We believe that our disruptive business model along with the power of referral marketing will make MYRIDI a once in a lifetime opportunity for our partners, drivers, riders, and users. We will continue to create viral content and easy to use marketing systems to allow anyone who chooses to embark on this exciting journey with us to create a true freedom business with MYRIDI.

MYRIDI was created by successful entrepreneurs with over 75 years of combined proven success in unsettling industries over the years. This team of Subject Matter Experts is highly capable and ready to create yet another legacy. Join us!

Roger Hickman Jr. is our visionary CEO. He is a talented businessman with over 43 years of experience in developing new concepts and technology platforms.

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