Be Your Own Boss


Say Goodbye to Huge Pay Cuts!

Increase Your Rideshare Revenue By upto 40% Working Less Hours Per Week!

How would you like to double your rideshare revenue working less hours than you currently work? Sounds pretty good huh? How is this even possible?

Driving with MYRIDI allows that flexibility where you can arrange the things you need to prioritize.

Make great money

You can drive and earn as much as you want. And, the more you drive, the more you’ll make. Plus, you’ll get paid weekly and your fares get automatically deposited.

Set your own schedule

Only drive when it works for you. There’s no office and no boss. That means you’ll always start and stop on your time because with MYRIDI, you’re in charge. 

Multiple streams of Revenue!

With multiple streams of revenue, you can multiply the efforts you currently spend on your rideshare business and work less.

With traditional rideshare companies, there is only one form of revenue, rides, for every ride you take, you get paid. You must personally work each ride to get paid. Another way to look at this. Someone needs to get from point A to point B, you take them, and they pay you (well not really, they pay the rideshare company and then you get paid afterwards).

With multiple streams of revenue, you can spend the same amount of time with the client but get paid on more than one product. The question is, what other products can you offer your current clients (i.e. riders), and other people you meet throughout your day (i.e. other drivers)? More importantly, how can you offer a product that you get paid on.

This is where MYRIDI unique model comes into play. With MYRIDI you have three streams of revenue

The first is the obvious, the ride and with MYRIDI, drivers get upto 83% of the fare, 100% of the tips. This equates to about 21% more money than our competitors. 

The second is sharing the app with riders, friends, family and colleagues. Each time someone you share the app with, and they take a ride, you can earn, as you build rideshare awareness the more riders you will have, the more money you will make!  As you can see, we pay our partners more. Not bad huh? 

The third gets interesting, pay attention to this. For every driver you refer, you get paid $50. So, let say you talk to a friend, family member or while waiting at a sporting event, and bring on 3 new drivers per month that’s an additional $150. Just simply introduce them to the company. They first must be approved by MYRIDI LLC and cleared as a driver, pass all background checks and agree to all terms, agreements, policy’s and transport at minimum of 1 customer (Rider) 10 separate occasions, using MYRIDI's app as the vehicle to conduct business transporting customers (Riders). It’s that simple! Pretty easy right? Again, you see your friends every day. Simply introduce them to the company. But that just the start.

Ok, time to add this up. Let’s assume you are earning on average about $25 per hour driving (based on this study). Our Rideshare competitors take about $8.33 per hour, where MYRIDI gives you upto 83%. If you work 8 hours per day, 5 days per week for the other rideshare company’s, that’s a total of $666 per week (8 x $16.67 = $133.36/day x 5 = $666). With MYRIDI, this can go upto $1000/week (8 x $25 = $200/day x 5 = $1000).  This represents a 21% increase.

Next, add the second stream of revenue, the sharing of the app. Building company awareness at the end of a year, we know this increases revenue per month. This represents a great increase more riders more money! 

Then, add the third stream of revenue, the signup bonus for referring new drivers that is $50 per driver. Remember first they must be approved by MYRIDI Inc and cleared as a driver, pass all background checks and agree to all terms, agreements, policy’s and transport a minimum of 1 customers using MYRIDI’s APP as the vehical to conduct business.. The monthly referrals for bringing in new drivers. By the end of a year, you could be earning an additional $1000 per month. This represents a large increase in revenue.

The next question is, how soon do you want to get started with MYRIDI?

Signing up is easy

Sign up today and you’ll be on the road in no time. Plus, signing up takes less than 5 minutes. Don’t wait to start making great money with your car.

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